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buying for someone else is hard.

loop makes it easy.

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We solve the challenges that make gifting hard

coffee maker
  • Will he like this color?
  • What's her shoe size?
  • What’s their shipping address?
  • Buying a gift last minute?
  • Would be a real hassle to exchange...
  • What's her prescription?

Sometimes gift cards miss the mark

Behavioral economics studies show people have conflicting feelings toward gift cards. Why choose between flexibility and thoughtfulness.

Gifting is a $200 billion market

meeting your customers’ gifting needs can create
a huge business driver for your store.

Loop Perfect Gifting

complete gift checkout for your store

Exchange Line Left Exchange Line right Hands exchange Hands exchange

your customers can buy & send any product in your store as a gift

  • E-gift button on every product page
  • No need to guess size, color or shipping address
  • Perfect solution for that last minute gift
  • The price of the gift remains hidden

gift recipients arrive at your store to get the gift they want

  • Delightful and personal gift redemption experience
  • Recipients select the color they like, and size that fits
  • Hassle free and discreet exchange, before the gift ships
  • Flexible store credit options
* Patents pending
  • Large retailers seek ways to increase sales, customer acquisition, loyalty and profits. Loop’s solution responds to these issues.

    Michael Scharff

    Former SVP Toys R Us, Best Buy, Staples
    Investor in Loop
  • Loop Commerce represents the next stage in the evolution of the multi-billion dollar gift-card industry, empowering retailers and creating new opportunities.

    Don Kingsborough

    VP Global Strategic Development PayPal, former Founder & CEO Blackhawk Network
  • Loop delivers an emotional gifting experience for consumers, skillfully executed to meet large retailer needs in the digital era.

    Don Katz

    EVP amazon, Founder & CEO of Audible
    Investor in Loop
  • We are challenged by our retail customers to present innovations in technology and solutions to grow their business. Loop gets our customers excited.

    Brian Grady

    Founder & CEO, Gorilla Group
    e-commerce integrator
  • Loop was built for seamless integration while accommodating for scale, payments, large volume transaction and great user experience.

    Chuck Geiger

    CTO Chegg, former CTO Paypal
    Investor in Loop
  • Our largest customers are excited and onboard. This is a significant breakthrough in our industry and will become the new way consumers shop for gifts.

    Yair Spitzer

    CEO Session e-commerce integrator - UK & Europe
  • Behavioral economics proves theories around the mystery, excitement and joy of gift giving. Loop takes these theories and brings them to practice.

    Prof. Dan Ariely

    Psychology & Behavioral Economics, Author of 3 New York Times best-sellers
  • Loop has built a game changing experience that creates value for retailers and their customers. We partnered with Loop due to their quality and capabilities.

    Rich Lyons

    Founder & CEO, Lyons CG e-commerce integrator
  • Loop is changing the industry with their unique approach and implementation, offering significant value to retailers, e-commerce platforms and partners.

    Roy Rubin

    Founder Magento, VP eBay
    Investor in Loop
  • Heavily tied to global retail brands, we were seeking a solution that addresses the well overdue revolution in gifting. Loop does exactly that.

    Andrew Fine

    Novel TMT. Investor in Loop. Affiliated with Michael Kors, Tommy Hilfiger, Pepe Jeans
  • The Loop platform is making a real impact. Their turnkey solution, extensive capabilities and easy integration makes it a preferred choice for implementation.

    Jon Provisor

    Co-owner & CIO, Guidance e-commerce integrator
  • Loop has married a deep understanding of Behavioral Economics with truly innovative thinking about e-commerce and gifting, delivering real value for shoppers and retailers.

    Michael Harvey

    COO Corra e-commerce integrator
  • Excited to support Loop since inception. Rarely have I seen such a overwhelming industry acceptance to a company and their solution as with Loop.

    Oren Zeev

    Prominent investor, formerly Apax Capital Investor in Loop
  • Loop’s innovative solution lets customers send gifts without having all the info about the giftee (such as size or address), materially expanding the market size for gifts.

    Ken Seiff

    Managing Partner Beanstalk Fund, former EVP Brooks Brothers, Board Member

Drive more business, customers and purchases

customer acquisition

Both gift buyers and recipients
become new customers

increased sales

Through upselling and
reducing cart abandonment

data and visibility

Connecting your users and
products with targeted solutions

boost profit margins

Reducing return and
exchange related costs

Frictionless and quick
integration with your store

we deal with everything
so you don't have to

Data driven functionality

insights about your customers and products

Connect with top gift buyers at your store. Promote most popular gifts. Stop highlighting frequently exchanged products.

behavioral economics based recommendations

Highlight most appreciated gifts. Put your customers in a gifting mindset. Encourage viral gifting loops.

smart & personalized targeted solutions

Targeted email gift campaigns and reminders. Personalized and curated gift sections. Contextual gift up-selling and cross-selling.


leverage the loop network insights and best practices

See Loop Perfect Gifting functionality in your online store

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